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a few things you may be looking for are accessible here.

welcome to my page

misc. half-baked writing

unconstructable, implastic

a couple thoughts on nature and culture.

notes on annihilationism

philosophical notes about rebirth in buddhism.


The boy who resided at Agathox Lodge, 28, Buckingham Park Road, Surbiton, had often been puzzled by the old sign-post that stood almost opposite. He asked his mother about it, and she replied that it was a joke, and not a very nice one, which had been made many years back by some naughty young men, and that the police ought to remove it. For there were two strange things about this sign-post: firstly, it pointed up a blank alley, and, secondly, it had painted on it in faded characters, the words,

To Heaven.

celestial omnibus

a collection of ebooks with no single focus. this link will inevitably break when the address moves.

notes on making and using ebooks

why and how one might want to digitize a book, improve an existing ebook, or even—read one (mostly software recommendations).

my reading list (2022)

currently active: things read, reading, to-read, and to-find.

reading list (2021)

reading list (2020)

reading list (archive)

a ball of lint exported from an old goodreads profile.

chinoiserie interest group (~2021–22)

In learning there is Heavenly nature: in the course of reading books and studying the ancients there are moments when one experiences the dawning of insights that to the end of one’s days will never change. In learning there are also the most sublime feelings: in the course of reading books and studying the ancients there are moments of joy or sadness when suddenly one finds oneself singing or weeping for reasons that one cannot understand.

the chinoiserie interest group was an exercise in disciplined reading and dissolute orientalism, aiming to study a mix of history, contemporary non-fiction, literature, and philosophy from or relating to china. now it's just a group chat for book screenshots and watching chinese tv together.

list of books, schedule, planning information, and group chat invitation

outline of chinese thought

rough outline of topics and books in chinese philosophy/some general classical texts, created for orienting study in the reading group, maybe still useful to you.

translations (~2020)

some complete or incomplete pieces related to Guy Hocquenghem, translated from french.

Mickaël Tempête, “Reading Hocquenghem”

an essay from Trou Noir which acts as an introduction to Co-ire and its recent unhappy rediscovery.

guide to books on queer theory and childhood

a write-up done on request, about an interest now shelved.

Guy Hocquenghem and René Schérer, Coming and Going Together: A Systematic Childhood Album

published by Félix Guattari’s journal Recherches in the seventies, Co-ire would have been considered far too risqué if it had come out even two years later, and being associated with it at all is probably going to get somebody in trouble. she couldn’t have known! she was only learning to read the language at the same time as producing the translation…

Guy Hocquenghem and René Schérer, L'Âme Atomique: Toward an Aesthetic for the Nuclear Era: Notice and Prelude

done out of sheer momentum after working on the previous: momentum that still gave out too soon to get past the first sections.


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